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  1. Hairtrigger

    Stephen F Austin/Incarnate Word over 137.5

    Best play for tonight I see, hitting it for a good amount
  2. Hairtrigger

    Sat CBB

    Was watching that one, guys missed open looks the last five mins. I tailed, bad beat. At least other two came in. Should have had the broom.
  3. Hairtrigger

    Personal play on

    Drinks on you at Bar Canada tonight. Mike Palm says spend some of those winnings!
  4. Hairtrigger

    Dixie State +3.5

    Only play in basketball for me tonight
  5. Hairtrigger

    personal play on

    Nicely done
  6. Hairtrigger

    Blues/Avalanche over 5.5 -120

    Best play I see out there
  7. Hairtrigger

    Ohio State +6.5 1st half

    I think this one is close at half
  8. Hairtrigger

    2nd half play on Kennesaw ST / Liberty under 67.5

    like this one alot
  9. Hairtrigger

    Colts +7

    only thing I like today in NFL, make sure you shop for the 7
  10. Hairtrigger

    South Florida +1.5

    They should win this game outright, good luck fellas
  11. Hairtrigger

    Appalachian State -2½

    Overnight game I love for tomorrow
  12. Hairtrigger

    Iowa / Maryland under 155.5

    If Dime is putting out overnight games, I’ll do my part as well. Race you to the window at Circa DD
  13. Hairtrigger

    Maryland/Indiana Under 137.5

    Bet it now as it will go down
  14. Hairtrigger

    Bills 1st Half +110

    Coldest game Tua has ever played. He is not throwing ball downfield. Buffalo can stack the box against the run and challenge Tua to throw downfield. Bills starters should all play first half. I also like Bills over 10.5 1st half team total. I played them both for a nickel each. Today is not...
  15. Hairtrigger

    Biggest personal play of bowl season

    Love you brother. I’m happy I followed you as always. That was crazy money you were sweating. Will take you a while to count that, ask Mike Palm to help. First world problems.
  16. Hairtrigger

    Mississippi +9

    Solid play here as the rebels should keep it close
  17. Hairtrigger

    Ball State/San Jose State over 63.5

    Play I love today
  18. Hairtrigger

    Arizona Team total under 71

    Best college play for me tonight
  19. Hairtrigger

    Jets/Browns over 43.5

    My best early total
  20. Hairtrigger

    57 points by Dallas ??? I Fucking HATE The NBA. FU

    The most maddening league ever

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