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  1. Marty

    Jan 23rd Serie A

    Rossoneri will win today on several fronts Long time Revenge factor Ibra is back Ata playing 3rd game in 6 days Nuff said
  2. Marty

    Thursday Must Zplay

    NO +5.5
  3. Marty


    Heat +130 Mavs - 2
  4. Marty

    1-19-21 CBB>

    Dogs are barking gl shifty
  5. Marty

    NFL today

    NFC Saints-3 No Hill No Murray No problem This is money
  6. Marty

    1-17-21 NFL>

    Love the call shifty
  7. Marty

    NFL today

    Browns +9 Browns/Chiefs under 56
  8. Marty

    Saturday Must Play

    Dons +105 Mismatch on perimeter shooting and depth Please take advantage of the Dons in this game Gl
  9. Marty


    Milwaukee Bucks -8
  10. Marty

    1-14-21 NBA>

    Nice 4* winner shifty Thanks
  11. Marty

    Tuesday Must Play

    Nets Money to be made here tonight Depth is lopsided and Nets will pull away with ease as the game plays out
  12. Marty

    Sunday Must Play

    Sorry all I will post city names going forward gl
  13. Marty

    Sunday Must Play

    Wolves +120 Easy money to be made here Please take advantage of it Gl
  14. Marty

    William Hill’s

    Never seen a better display of Joe Public ty buff
  15. Marty

    Fallout on Figueroa

    Spurs +9
  16. Marty

    Week 17

    Notable Plays Atlanta +7 Miami -3 Late afternoon plays coming up including a very solid total. Still confirming weather and personnel Gl
  17. Marty

    Week 17

    Eagles Bet them every which way and any way possible Gl
  18. Marty

    If This Doesn’t Got I Won’t Post For 🆕️

    D-e-f-e-n-s-e !!!!!!!
  19. Marty

    1/2 CFB 259-239 ytd

    Aggies Mond gave his offensive line the nickname “cripplers”
  20. Marty

    1/2 CFB 259-239 ytd

    I also Love the play on the cripplers today They want it bad today Did you see how jacked they were in yesterday’s practice? let’s hit this one hard and reap the rewards Gl

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