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    Jon is more proven than Josiah that’s for sure With his last 4 being quality starts, you have to back Rockies ace Jon Gray + 179 … you just have to. Colorado + 179
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    Thursday Play of the Day

    Seattle + 133 They know how important this win is to them They must make a move for a playoff spot and it starts tonight They have the #2 bullpen WAR vs A’s #21 WAR Joe public drove the line up 10 points on Oakland based on nothing at all 100% confidence M’s win tonight Laying wood on this...
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    Added Arizona -102 Despite their record this team hits well vs lefties clipping at .740 OPS They will jump on Anderson early and in the end it will be a comfortable lopsided win Pittsburgh will not be in this game at all Their confirmed mediocre starting lineup solidifies this wager I’m...
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    Added Royals +155 Minor will win this one today
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    Surprise Surprise Texas +112 Dunning must start
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    San Francisco/Dodgers under 8
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    Kings of the night time world RedSox vs Yankees battle tonight in an unprecedented matchup of two pitchers in which we all have the same opinion simply said: RedSox/Yankees over 9.5 Hit it hard Hit it often
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    Seattle +123 Gilbert must start
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    Sunday GOY

    60** GOY Cleveland -1.5 + 130 Also played: Baltimore + 165 Philadelphia +105 Atlanta +113 OMG this is gonna be a good day!!!!
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    Euro Final

    50** England -0.5 +160 Definitely no worries here Years and years of redemption pays off today From start to finish Final score: England 3 Italy 1
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    Saturday Top Play

    Wrong team favoured Jays in mlb top 10 vs lefties hitting a solid .760 OPS Regression sets in for Yarborough long overdue Also factor in Stripling’s commitment to a win today as shown in the clubhouse after yesterday’s debacle is sound proof this team is focused today 50** Toronto +106 This...
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    Thursday Top Play

    Winds blowing in at Wrigley tonight……who cares!!! This total is flying over tonight Two of the worst bullpens going at it. Both starters do not have any fastball advantage. They rely on the sinker and slider which is feasted upon by these two offenses Huge totals play: 50**...
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    Monday Top Play

    Detroit’s OPS of .671 against lefties this season is the worst in the American League. Teams hitting .196 off Allard at Globe Life Field Garcia and Gallo are good to go after earlier rumblings raised concerns Throw in regression setting in for Peralta makes this a top play. 50** Texas -1.5...
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    7/4 MLB 342-332 ytd

    Nice call on Mets game 1 Keep it going GL on Mariners under
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    Saturday Top Play

    bean town vs O’town Both starting pitchers will get shelled today early and both will not see the 5th inning These are two bad pitchers with above average WHIP numbers both facing two top offensive teams Add the fact that strong winds are blowing straight out to center makes this a top...

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