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    Parlay Dodgers/Padres +104

    Dodgers maybe road weary 2* gl to me lol
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    Hawks 3*

    Let the big dog eat!
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    Fading Federer again Could get some good live dog bets against him He loves the ATP tour, its made him wealthy and rightfully so but not sure if he takes kindly to losing. He knows the end is near... https://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/news/articles/2021-06-26/federer_i_know_i_have_a_chance.html
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    NBA Series play

    good call Reno
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    French Open 1st rd Istomin ov Federer +575

    200 to win 1350 Fed 22 years on tour, maybe he can go deep but not likely Swiatek (W) / Tsitsipas (M) parlay to win tourney 200 to win 4125
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    ATP Madrid 5* parlay Karastev / Sinner +100

    good bets early rds so far
  7. stevers

    went big on these 3 and parlayed them

    thanks Stoney!
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    ATP 1* Karatsev +310 vs Rublev

    he's been a good play since the Aussie O. Not sure if he can top Rublev, worth a small play at +310
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    1* long shot

    3L 4W this is why wagering with alcohol is a bad idea gonna leave posting to the pros thx to the board for the winners
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    1* long shot

    maybe better with my 30.06 but playing Fla, MichSt, BNets + pts, Lakers, Illnois,,St Lou, Nadal, Medevdev ML. +2322
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    1* Nadal Medvedev parlay +116

    add Nadal to any parlays, he's the ultimate tennis player
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    VT -1.5 2nd half they will roll

    man they blow chunks beamer ball is dead
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    VT -1.5 2nd half they will roll

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    Firepay will no longer transfer money to gaming sites.

    exactly, if you cant send money to them why would they be obligated to pay you. Thats why they are offshore. They can just close the doors and kiss you goodbye. Maybe they'll let everybody play for funsies.
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    Firepay will no longer transfer money to gaming sites.

    check or money order funding wont work because the money ultimately gets there by EFT.When you write a check does somebady at your bank stuff 100 dollar bills in an envelope and mail it to the payee? No but maybe offshore books will let us send cash through the mail. These businesses like...

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