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  1. Marty

    Friday NHL

    Vancouver +143 Flyers missing blue line players tonight should be good enough for ‘Nucks quick young offense to generate some goals.
  2. Marty

    Thursday Night Football

    Jumped on this one too Money line also They looked good in practice ty Reno
  3. Marty

    Friday Baseball

    Love it Ty Reno
  4. Marty

    9/26 NFL 15-15 ytd

    I also love the wounded warriors today I know this is their statement game gl Ject
  5. Marty

    9-24-21 MLB>

    You’re going to be 3-0 tonight shifty I see it no other way gl
  6. Marty

    Some smart guys I know playing

    Kendall looked good in practice this week Love the Bulldogs pick
  7. Marty

    9/16 MLB 515-502 ytd

    Thanks Ject You been killing it lately gl
  8. Marty


    Nice!!! Lol
  9. Marty


    Play of the Day Zona -2
  10. Marty

    Today’s games

    Welcome back Xeno, I mean beefree, I mean Blanche
  11. Marty

    9-11-21 CFB>

    Like the blue raiders pick Hockman is on the golden arm award watch list bring it home shifty gl
  12. Marty

    Monday September 6th

    On tap today: MLB underdog straight up winner A must play!!! CFB solid winner supported by regressional stats clipping at 87%…..just incredible!!!! MLB totals play best bet Easy money!!! Now up at: As always, if two plays loses, money is returned 100%
  13. Marty

    Friday Night

    Really? Wtf is this? Header says Friday Night How many 49ers teams were playing yesterday? 1 You figure out the rest. Moving across the street Sorry for “confusing” everyone …. lol Later Out!!!
  14. Marty

    Friday Night

    49ers +195 Double digit win
  15. Marty

    Tuesday MLB

    Boston +142 Finally RedSox get the pitching matchup they needed to get a win Watching the morning practice I can tell you they had a good one. They looked sharp, loose, confident and focused on tonight’s game because of the pitcher they are facing. They love to hit vs Yarborough and factor in...
  16. Marty

    Sunday MLB

    Adding 3 more: Toronto -180 My Mets -180 Seattle -160
  17. Marty


    Jacksonville -4 Game plan confirmed Now it becomes a statement game Double digit bigtime win!!!
  18. Marty

    Sunday MLB

    Philadelphia -180 Cincinnati -180 Atlanta -135
  19. Marty

    Week 0

    Illini +6 Illini +208 straight up Miners -10 Miners -6.5 1st half Do not underestimate the Bielema era in Champagne. Thursday’s practice was impressive and the team has officially made this inaugural game a dedication to the coach. Husker defence has holes everywhere GL today to big red...
  20. Marty


    Dodgers/Padres over 8

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